MoMA Workshop Participants

MoMA Workshop Participants
MoMA Workshop Participants

Anne-Marie is a physician who sings, writes flash fiction, hikes the trails of the world, mountains, city blocks and undergrounds. To Anne-Marie, walks are soul hikes and on her walk, your heart will beat to a new rhythm.

Catherine is an artist who often works collaboratively in public space. She is from Frankfurt, Germany.

Cameron moved to New York from London at the start of the year. He has given a guided tour around the city of Cambridge and one summer walked along the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route in Northern Spain.

Emilia is a graphic designer who was born and raised in New York City. She loves the design of Grand Central Station and enjoys walking around the space and observing the textures, people and history. She is excited that this walk will further explore the space, open up the discussion and the perspectives of others.

Maria is from Mexico City. She is studying psychology with one year left to graduate. During her six month stay in New York, she is helping Mexican immigrants who live in the city.

Milena is currently on a four month stay in New York from Germany. These four months seems like one big long walk for her, as she runs around, discovers the city and takes in all there is to see and do. Milena is looking forward to sharing part of this long walk with others.

Salome is a first year college student who is concentrating in painting and photography at the San Francisco Art Institute. She has just moved to New York city and hopes to have more opportunities here in the art world.

Tamara is a law students from Brasilia, Brazil who is spending her semester abroad in New York.