Reincarnation Station

Reincarnation Station by MoMA Workshop Participants

Most of us who go through Grand Central Station are rushing to get to a train--that’s it. We don’t stop to look or to hear. We also don’t realize all the ghosts that live there--all the travelers of yonder. As Maria Kalman said, "In Grand Central you cannot shilly shally or dilly dally. Everyone rushes and dashes and zips and zaps and whizzes like crazy and oh what a dizzy and delightful place.” (Next Stop Grand Central)

So what if we were to slow down, listen, feel, search and even become one of those long-gone travelers who passed through Grand Central 100 years ago--perhaps someone in your family was there.

Join Anne-Marie, Emilia and Salome as we shilly and dally. Be prepared to live the now, and to reconnect with the now through the then.

This walk holds 12 people and is designed and led by students enrolled in "Into the Participatory Walk," a three-session workshop at the Museum of Modern Art facilitated by Todd Shalom.