"Re-weavings" by Vadis Turner

Prospect Park contains a thriving microcosm of urban culture coexisting with organic matter. In this two-morning way, join visual artist Vadis Turner to explore the possibilities of found materials to transform, disguise and/or reconfigure available objects. The group will activate unwanted scraps and use them to change our perception of mundane and overlooked parts of the park. Drawing on techniques from Vadis's mixed media paintings, unrelated elements will unite to become something new and separate from their original functions. Bottle caps can become stars trapped in a puddle. The trash cans can start to grow leaves. A dreamcatcher can be woven into a fence.

On day two, the group will construct a collaborative installation. Discussions around perception, disassociation and hybridity of what we see and create will conclude each session. No previous experience necessary.

"Re-weavings" is co-presented by Jack Geary Contemporary.

"Re-weavings" is a two-morning way that holds 12 people. We ask those who sign up to please attend both consecutive mornings (Saturday, August 1st; 10am–12pm and Sunday, August 2nd; 10am–12pm) as day two will build on day one.

Click here to see photos from “Re-weavings.”