We and Our Shaaadows

"We and Our Shaaadows" by Chiara Bernasconi

Fixed, moving, weightless yet dense--who knows our shadows? Participants will walk in the beachfront sunset, stretch and compress, both alone and in groups. Led by Chiara Bernasconi, walkers will explore, challenge, evade and capture parts of themselves, others and the rapidly changing Coney Island shadowscape.

This walk holds 10 people.

Note: "We and Our Shaaadows" will need to be rescheduled in case of rain or extremely cloudy weather.

"We and Our Shaaadows" featured in the New York Times' City Room blog.

"We and Our Shaaadows" featured and listed as a "Critics' Pick" for "This Week in New York" in the 6/22/11 issue of Time Out NY.

"We and Our Shaaadows" reviewed in NY Art Beat.

"We and Our Shaaadows" featured in Nuok.

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