Sea Glass Mermaid

"Sea Glass Mermaid" by Karen Finley & Violet Overn

This walk by mother-daughter duo, Karen Finley and Violet Overn, aims to escape time and the city.

“Walking along the shore, we forget where and when we are. Washed up sea glass, fifty year-old notes in bottles, leather shoe soles and rusty toys. The city wasn’t always hundred story skyscrapers and gum-stained sidewalks. In Dead Horse Bay, we are taken into a different history deep in the heart of the Rockaways, hidden under nature’s cove to celebrate the breeze and the roving sun. Join us to create living tableaus from nature's flora and fauna and the discarded objects the sea has returned. Perhaps we'll make mobile chimes or a castle of sand and shells. Let’s be castaways for a day.” KF & VO

This walk holds 18 people and is co-presented with The Flea Theater.

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Photo credit: Paul Nebenzahl