Salve by Todd Shalom & Niegel Smith

Winter chills:
stuck in cold American
brick hallways and leftover props.
Todd Shalom and Niegel Smith walk you home
to putty floors, player-paintings and back-
stage Realness.
Take off your snowsuits, baby. This is not a walking tour.

This walk holds 10 people.

This walk is part of American Realness, a festival of contemporary performance at Abrons Arts Center from January 5-15, 2012.

Performers: Tracy Hazas, Todd Shalom & Niegel Smith

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"Artists Todd Shalom and Niegel Smith conduct small groups of people around the grounds of the Abrons Art Center, training everyone's attention, with a gentle and inviting playfulness, on the smallest and most quotidian details imaginable — with low-key but delighting results." San Francisco Bay Guardian 1/17/12