Politics of the Walk

Politics of the Walk

This talk will question and explore the political implications of walking as a form of cultural production. How has the walk (wandering, strolling, getting lost) been figured as political resistance in previous eras? What types of engagement or resistances are made possible by singular or collective somatic movement in urban spaces? What new bodies and bodies of knowledge are made possible by—and necessitate—taking to the streets? What damaging ideologies can be overturned by bodies claiming public space? Does the increased interest in the walk as an art form articulate a necessary gesture of resistance against a speed-obsessed techno-capitalist machinery? To the disciplinary and bureaucratic regimes of urban planning? The talk will investigate these questions, and more, with lots of opportunity for dialogue and exchange with the audience.

Christian Hawkey (moderator)
Rachel Levitsky
Eve Mosher
Ryan Tracy

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In partnership with Pratt Institute’s new MFA in Writing, Elastic City will present four talks on Sunday, September 28, 2014 at Pratt Institute’s Higgins Hall Auditorium. Each talk will hold approximately 75 people and will last about 90 minutes. Please see this link for a complete list of the talks.

Special thanks: Christian Hawkey & Sally Szwed
photo: "Aquí, Ayer, Ahora" by Leandro Tartaglia (2012)