Playing with Steps

Playing with Steps by Michel Groisman

For Playing with Steps, participants will use unusual equipment devised by Michel Groisman to touch and be touched by the ground. And the ground can be anything: a pillow, a sheet of paper, a sound, the simple presence of another. Michel will lead the group in experimenting with different ways of walking—simultaneously outside and in, as every step outwards is a step inwards and vice-versa.

Playing with Steps holds 12 people and is open to all abilities. The walk will be offered in English but Michel also speaks Portuguese.

Note from Michel: When my wife was two months pregnant, I gradually lost my ability to walk. Actually, I could walk, but only backwards. I could run forward, but could not walk. Now I'm getting better, but I’ve felt this way for almost 2 years.

Support: Governo do Estado do Rio de Janeiro/Secretaria de Estado de Cultura

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"Putting One Step Forward Would Be Too Obvious--Elastic City Walks Festival Has Its Inaugural Run" New York Times 10/9/14