Making Marks

"Making Marks" by Wayne Koestenbaum

Quips and players, seeming to vend astringency off-hours, 
celebrate diced excesses and sardonics, mixing pleasures, 
as if proximity were staring at the margin of a plea…

--Frank O'Hara

We'll begin our walk at 441 East Ninth, right where Frank O’Hara lived when he wrote this monumental poem “Second Avenue.”  

While walking, participants will write and draw and talk and accumulate -- mixing pleasures and celebrating excess. We'll experiment by making spontaneous records of our ruminations and observations, whether with pencil, pen, stick, stone, scrap, spit, or other found (and offered) substances. Our goal: to liberate and unhouse our repertoires of verbal and visual markmaking. In the process, we'll compose a document (or a bagful of documents) to take home afterward and keep as a record of our adventure.

This walk holds 12 people and is presented in partnership with the Poetry Project.

Click here to see photos from “Making Marks.”

"Jennifer Krasinski on an Elastic City walk with Wayne Koestenbaum" Artforum 7/29/15

Image credit:
Wayne Koestenbaum
Lunar Bacchanal
26 x 28 inches
oil, Flashe, acrylic, and acrylic marker on canvas