A Genealogy of the Participatory Walk

A Genealogy of the Participatory Walk

The junction of creative thoughts and walks has its western roots in Aristotelian philosophy, where the act of walking was directly related to constructive ideas and actions. One immense historical lap later, the Surrealists, the Situationists, artists working on soundwalks, walking tour guides and artists that have solo or collective walking practices have deepened the concept of creative ambulation. The four presenters will explain their walking practices in the context of their respective artistic and historical backgrounds, pinpointing the varying levels of participation and inspiration involved in their work, and where they think the walk form is moving.

Matt Green
Jeffrey Hogrefe
Aseman Sabet (moderator)
Andrea Williams
Moira Williams

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In partnership with Pratt Institute’s new MFA in Writing program, Elastic City will present four talks on Sunday, September 28, 2014 at Pratt Institute’s Higgins Hall Auditorium. Each talk will hold approximately 75 people and will last about 90 minutes. Please see this link for a complete list of the talks.

Special thanks: Christian Hawkey & Sally Szwed
photo: Corine Lemieux