Findr by Jacob Gaboury & Todd Shalom

Jacob Gaboury and Todd Shalom will create a series of free walks over Gay Pride Weekend that attempt to queer the location-based mobile networking app for gay men, Grindr. Just download Grindr to your smartphone and use this image as your profile picture. Then, head to any location in the East Village at the walk start time and turn on Grindr.

Please allow at least 24-48 hours for your photo to be approved by Grindr. If there's an issue with Grindr or if the photo hasn't been approved, click here.

No need to 'sign up' for this free walk, as all of the info is listed here--but if you do sign up, we'll send you info about future walks.

Read an interview with Todd and Jacob about the walk.

Read a profile of Todd Shalom in the 6/17/11 issue of Next Magazine.

"Findr: Jacob Gaboury and Todd Shalom are using Grindr as a psychogeography research tool over Gay Pride Weekend." Rhizome 6/24/11