Concrete Jungle Gym

Concrete Jungle Gym by Anna Azrieli

When my child was small, I spent a lot of time at the playground. I’d be on my phone and chatting with other adults—trying to make the time go faster. Anything to avoid being present in the moment. But once in a while, I'd look up, join my kid in play, and be transported back to the sensations of being young and flying on a swing, balancing on a beam and swooping down a slide.

On Concrete Jungle Gym participants will meet at a Brooklyn playground and re-discover how our bodies can give voice to our current state of play in concert with the structures there. The group will climb, jump and improvise--working intuitively with these tools to build a participatory choreography. A playground dance. From there, we'll take it to the streets, with its signposts, trees and stoops as props for a new group composition. No previous movement experience necessary.

This walk holds 12 people.

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