City Island Hop

"City Island Hop" by: Andrea Polli

Lying minutes off the coast of the Bronx mainland is City Island. Spanning only 1.5 miles in length and occupying space off the coasts of both New York City and Nassau County, its singular location and history make the island a living laboratory for exploring New York City's history and future. The entire length of City Island can be easily traversed by foot and the surrounding water can be seen and heard from virtually all points. This proximity to the water lends City Island residents a unique perspective, as they enjoy many of the conveniences of an urban life, yet still maintain a close relationship with the water.

This walk will incorporate anthropological 'field study' techniques. The participants will be engaged in exercises designed to observe the environment and decipher its visual and aural 'cues'. The group will uncover the relatively unknown wonders of this "island existence" that thrive within the confines of an urban environment.

This walk holds 15 people.

Special thanks to Jamie Davis.

Cartoonist Roz Chast draws her experience from Andrea Polli's "City Island Hop" in the 9/19/11 issue of The New Yorker.

"City Island Hop" featured as a "Critics' Pick" for "This Week in New York" in the 6/29/11 issue of Time Out NY.

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