Between Us

Between Us by Todd Shalom & Niegel Smith

The traditional artist talk is stale and hierarchical, with the artist on a pedestal and the audience as passive recipients. As much as Niegel would love to get heady on theoretical frames and Todd yearns to yap poetic about his Instagram photos, they have decided to take the artist talk in another direction. Talking with, not at. Inviting you along. Over and through the rainbow.

In this talk, participants will grapple with recurring themes from Niegel & Todd’s signature prompts: shedding protective layers (Selfies); granting permission to touch and be touched (Dream State of Affairs); addressing the political through the sculpting of bodies (Monumental Walk and Favorites); and constructing a language all one’s own (so you’re one of them now).

This talk holds 24 people and is co-presented with Pratt Institute MFA in Writing. It will be held in English but Todd also speaks Spanish.

Assistant: Keith Paul Medelis

"Between Us" was developed as part of Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Process Space program.

Special thanks: Gavin Browning, Christian Hawkey, Arzoo Hansen, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Carla Kasumi, Bora Kim, Melissa Levin, Robert Mauksch, Keith Paul Medelis, Laura Nicoll, Will Penrose and Kate Ryan

Image credit: Niegel Smith

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