Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up

Testimonials from participants...

"Thanks for these singular experiences that have reminded me why I moved to NY in the first place." Jennifer K., Brooklyn, NY

"Walking in the mega-city Tokyo, there comes a feeling that the city is living and breathing like a human being. The caravan unknowingly stepped into the landscape, the flow of lights under the stars shining. We find materials to arrange our own poetics: a constellation of sensations that might have been lost long before..." F. Atsumi (Art-Phil), Tokyo

"It was great to find some time to disconnect from the crazy everyday NYC life to connect with the city and random New Yorkers at a whole different level. I had a great time! I should do this more often!" Agueda S., New York, NY

"My kids LOVED being human typewriters with Ben Weber's "Smash Type" this past weekend in Staten Island! Before their experience, my 7 year old son claimed "I don't wanna do art!" .....Well, after he was able to combine his love for paint and his love for FUN, he claimed "mommy, I love art!" My 5 year old daughter who is just learning to read found so much joy in experimenting with letters as well! Plus, they loved getting a little dirty :) Thanks a milllion! We'll definitely be looking forward to more events like these!" Sumer S. Staten Island, NY

"I thought that [Robert Mauksch] was knowledgeable on the subject matter and was very engaging while at the same time allowing the participants to contribute as much as they wanted, without applying undo pressure. I would attend another of his walks/ways." Paul F. New York, NY

"I was uncertain about joining this activity because it seemed a little threatening to possibly have to perform or do something else that would be embarrassing for me. My fears were allayed--the group and Miguel proved to be fun, supportive and totally unthreatening. We walked in sun and rain, ran, sat, dressed up, sang and thought. Thank you, Miguel, for the provocative ideas! The walk was a delight, an eye-opener, stimulating, and a lot of fun. I haven't played like that in a long time." Mary L., Manhasset, NY

"I loved the Moss Me walk - artist Tomaz Hipolito always manages to surprise me. I'm happy to report that I did indeed start looking at the streets of Alphabet City in a totally new way, scanning intently where I would usually not look, searching for marks or features, intended and not intended, human or natural, legal or not, and all the ones in between." Joana R., Brooklyn

"The Creek and Valley tour with Anne Percoco was eye-opening. It gave me a greater appreciation for found objects and how we find/create a spiritual or ritualistic aura for objects. Anne made me think a lot." -- Alison G., Manhattan

"Up until yesterday's Through the Cracks walk with Betsey Biggs, the most atmospheric, haunting spot up 'round Madison Square was Jaume Piensa's Echo, but our walk created an aural equivalent of that arresting piece of monumental sculpture. Tiptoeing up 6th Avenue, lingering mysteriously at corners to look at gum-stained sidewalks or stare down into rusted grating; brazenly breezing through the hipsters at the Ace Hotel – not once, but twice!; ambling across an empty parking lot, forward and back, just before our turn-around point, where we stood together on the edge of the curb, looking across 29th Street to a khaki cast-iron storefront to hear the echoes of out-of-tune honky tonk pianos, we entered that liminal zone between past and present which is always the most delicious habitat on any Gotham outing. Thanks Betsey!" -- Kevin D., Manhattan

"I enjoyed the walk with Betsey on Saturday. It was interesting to move through the streets at a slower pace and pay attention to the sounds in ways I wouldn't normally do. I liked Betsey's soundtrack, which was based on a recording of her walking the same route a few days before (plus the other layers of sound she added). It seemed like a successful demonstration of her interest in dual realities." -- Jim G., Brooklyn

"I took The Fragrance of Flavor walk at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on May 24, 2011 and it far exceeded any expectations, and was a spectacular way to end a busy day. I loved that the walk was concentrated in one small area because that made it more intimate. Everyone on the walk was in the moment and most of the conversations I had were about scent, taste, food, gardening, cooking, and other pleasures. The fact that the rose garden was not in full bloom made it easier to smell one variety at a time, and also enticed me to return for another visit. Sarah was so knowledgable and her dedication to the garden was obvious. Thanks for a great time." -- Cyndee G., North Carolina

"My boyfriend and I went on Todd's Brighton Beach sound walk this past weekend. Having just moved from SF to NY it was the perfect way to experience a new area of the city, attuning ourselves to the environment in a completely fresh way. Our group was terrific too! Thanks Todd for the awesome experience, we'll definitely keep an "ear" out for future Elastic City events!" -- Stephanie P, Manhattan

"As a European tourist visiting the US, I find that the walks of Elastic City have quite an intimate connection with New York. I've come on several of the walks, including Todd Shalom's soundwalks, Niegel Smith's theatrical walks and Robert Mauksch's psychological explorations of the city. After having experienced it, I would strongly suggest them not only to New Yorkers but also to those who will be staying here for just a few days in order to discover something one wouldn't be exposed to regularly." -- Al S., Lithuania

"Navigating through a park with one’s eyes closed, using only the sense of sound, creates an adventure through a sea of squealing children and squeaking swings. Movement starts to feel vertiginous and unpredictable, directional orientation becomes an outright adventure. I can’t wait to try it again." -- Roddy Schrock, Brooklyn

"I will never forget Niegel's walk-- taking in downtown monuments critically, intimately, and tongue-in-cheek. We began as a group of strangers but by the end, we had broken down walls between each other and our surroundings which led us to create meaningful monuments of our own." -- Paige F., Montana

"Niegel Smith is a great leader. We all gelled as a group and got over our inhibitions to have a really fun and interesting and exhilarating evening. I saw parts of the city I'd never seen, and saw familiar parts in a new way. And we put a living heart on The New York Supreme Court! It was a blast." -- Jonathan Tindle

"Found my sound horizon in DUMBO while de-masking bridges w/ Daniel Neumann" -- @solidk (via twitter)

"Good on Neil Freeman for organizing such complex stuff: geometry, history, material flow… all in an interactive format, in real time and real space. Very cool." -- Fred Scharmen, Baltimore

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