Org Info

Org Info

Elastic City is first and foremost an artistic project. We currently take the form of a non-profit organization with tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

We've a small staff. We're lean and mean. Please address all emails to: and we'll get it to the right person.

Director/Founder: Todd Shalom
Associate Artistic Director (2015-16): Niegel Smith
Production Manager (2015-16): Carla Kasumi
Coordinator (2012-13): Caitlin Ruttle
Emissaries (2010-16): Algirdas Sabaliauskas, Amélie Hoffmann, Angel Jiang, Anna Firth, Ariel Rivera, Carla Kasumi, Courtney Surmanek, Jen Plaskowitz, Keith Paul Medelis, Nick Robles, Pauline Bourgogne, Vanessa Cuervo Forero

Board of Directors:
John DeCicco
Nora Hennessy
Heather Janoff Johnson
Todd Shalom
Niegel Smith
Ben Weber
Robert Mauksch (2010-11)
Peter Shankman (2014-16)

Original Elastic City Identity & Design (2010-11): Russell Austin, Luis Bravo & Agi Morawska
EC Design (2012-13): Riley Hooker
EC Design (2014-15) & Willing Participant: Asad Pervaiz
EC Design (2016): Agi Morawska

Publicity (2010-16): Blake Zidell & Associates

Videography (2011-16): Danya Abt
Videography (2011): Xavier Marrades

Web development (Elastic City): Benjamin Haas
Web development (Willing Participant): Alexander Gutierrez