Superfun/d Speed Date

Superfun/d Speed Date by Ben Weber

Hi. My name is Ben. I'm a Capricorn and my spirit animal is a moose.

They say this is the year when everything changes. The sun will flare, the poles will crumble, and the heart of the galaxy will align with the center of the Earth. As humans, we're the shepherds of this cosmic transition. Personally, I'd like to convene with the Mayan ancients as much as the next guy, but it's tough forging meaningful connections in the sweaty New York City summertime.

Let me take you to a tangle of art & industry in LIC, where we'll prepare for this new cycle using techniques from applied theater. We'll peek into a poisoned creek and sculpt our bodies into the baggage we wish to leave behind as we enter the World of the 5th Sun from the world of the 7 train.

This walk holds 8 people and is presented in partnership with SculptureCenter.

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