Sensewalk #2: MOVE ME BABY

Sensewalk #2: MOVE ME BABY by Miguel Gutierrez

Dance artist Miguel Gutierrez has created four unique walks for Elastic City that awaken, explore and illuminate the senses.

Get ready to speed up, slow down, get on your feet and then fall off balance. In the second Sensewalk, Miguel Gutierrez will lead participants in playing with the different components of the movement senses so that every place becomes a potential context for physical adventure. The group will be moved across the water via the Staten Island Ferry where they’ll take their sea legs for a spin. All abilities welcome.

This walk holds 16 people.

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Miguel Gutierrez's "Sensewalk #1" has been selected as a favorite of the year by Jillian Steinhauer. "It may sound like a glorified version of summer camp, and maybe it was, but it also opened me up in a way that nothing else has since — I guess summer camp." Hyperallergic. 12/31/12

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