The Last Walk

The Last Walk by Todd Shalom and Niegel Smith

Walk us out
to greener pastures
Tie it tight
Your frayed shoelace

Seven walks for seven years
Prospect Park--our final resting place

Over two days, Niegel and Todd will lead participants on The Last Walk. This walk will occur seven times and feature re-performed prompts by past Elastic City walk artists.

Each of the seven walks will include at least one cameo by an artist who will present their original prompt.

Contributing artists: luciana achugar, Chiara Bernasconi, Michelle Boulé, Neil Freeman, Neil Goldberg, Wayne Koestenbaum, Erin Markey, and Pamela Z

Each of the seven walks holds 12 people.

Photo: Eric McNatt

Click here to see photos from “The Last Walk.”

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