Centroids and Asphalt

Centroids and Asphalt

"Centroids and Asphalt" will identify hidden loci of New York City-- invisible hinge-points upon which the city's people, buildings and population turn. The walk will explore our physical interactions with the street and how to reconcile these encounters with a conceptual, bird's-eye view of the city. We will physically map both our own perceptions and present realities at different points and use drawing, map-making, and careful study to form new narratives from our everyday environment.

This walk holds 10 people.

Click here to see photos from "Centroids and Asphalt."

Read an interview about "Centroids and Asphalt" featuring Neil Freeman, courtesy of Urban Omnibus.

"Neil's walk integrates these same concerns: material flow, plant and animal life, social history, and organizational geometry - all in real world terms, all within a few blocks of central Brooklyn." sevensixfive 8/6/10

Read a lil blurb about Neil's walk in the 8/11 issue of Time Out.