Brighton Zaum

Brighton Zaum

Brighton Beach is the other Cyclone that spirals in summer. Todd Shalom will lead us on a walk through the neighborhood in keeping with Ukranian-born Futurist Aleksei Kruchenykh's poetic ideal, Zaum, where the sounds of words themselves are holier than the things they represent. Using a variety of techniques pioneered by Acoustic Ecologists, we'll listen to sounds we often ignore and through experimental poetry exercises, we'll push on our own vocabulary and create poetry in a variety of media. All are welcome. Bring a camera if you've got one.

This walk holds 12 people.

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Watch a short video on the walk from WNYC.

"So when I first saw Gothamist’s interview with Todd Shalom, founder of the artist-led walking tour company Elastic City, I closed the window and mentally filed the story in the drawer labeled “hipster hooey." Sheepshead Bites 8/9/10

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