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Brooklyn Bridge Forever Extended

Brooklyn Bridge Forever Extended

On October 15th, Chiara Bernasconi, Kamomi Solidum and I met at the base of the bridge to give the final incarnation of the “Brooklyn Bridge Walk”. We had each planned our parts so as to play the bridge according to our own scores. We planned that the 3 participants who had signed up would each choose an artist to walk with.

Chiara, in a cast from a broken bone in her foot, had planned to ask her participant to physically assist her in walking over the bridge. I was going to walk quietly hand-in-hand with a participant over the bridge. Kamomi had planned to ask existential questions of her participant in concert with their place/position on the bridge.

We were all set. But the strong winds, we think, kept our participants from showing up. What to do? Our walk was delayed yet again.

After debating whether to continue the walk ourselves that nite, find strangers on the street to walk with us or cancel it altogether, we decided to continue the walk on our own terms. We thought it best to separately complete our part of the walk with a participant of our choosing in our own time, and we'll write about it here. Details forthcoming:)

photo: Ariel Rivera

Brooklyn Bridge Ext.

Brooklyn Bridge Ext.
This week we gave the second Brooklyn Bridge walk, “Brooklyn Bridge Ext.”. Playing off of the first Brooklyn Bridge walk, Chiara and I decided to make this a nitetime walk open to 2 people. We decided that it should depart from where our walk left off, and cross the bridge the other way (from Manhattan towards Brooklyn).

Chiara and I met up with Kamomi Solidum. The other participant who signed up for the walk never showed. I'd never met Kamomi before, and evidently Chiara chatted briefly with her at Daniel Neumann's walk the previous week. There were some striking moments upon first meeting up. It was quickly revealed that the book that Chiara had on her lap, Georges Perec's "Species of Places & Other Pieces", was the same book that Kamomi had in her bag! And then, Kamomi and I realized that we were both in the same grad school together at the same time (California College of Arts and Crafts)-- she was there for design; I was there for writing. krAzi!

So, we started our walk over the bridge. In contrast to our sunset walk, less stimuli made it easier to focus. We spoke of: the wooden planks (how often are they checked and replaced?); the occasionally unsturdiness of the cables; shortcuts and failure in one's own work; hometowns; nostalgia; marketing; and Public School.

We've asked Kamomi to join in planning our next walk over the bridge. Hope she says yes.

See below for photos.

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge
For “Brooklyn Bridge”, I met up with Chiara Bernasconi, whom I had never met and we walked over the Brooklyn Bridge. She had walked it once before. I never had. We spoke some of Elastic City walks, but more of the make up of the bridge itself-- the wooden planks, the details in the architecture, the fairly easy access a jumper would have, Governor's Island, Flux Factory bus tours, Marina Abramovic's exhibition at MoMA, etc. It was a walk with no set agenda. A cleansing of the palate for me after months of planning walks and starting the company.

At the end of the walk, Chiara had an unsolicited suggestion-- that I keep continuing with these walks over the bridge and change it up each time-- different hour/theme, etc. It was a perfect way to end the walk--> she moved the walk into its next incarnation. I'll ask Chiara to collaborate with me in conceptualizing the next walk and we'll see what happens.
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