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Under Elastic City Construction

Under Elastic City Construction
On Saturday, September 11th, we constructed our last installation at Brooklyn Flea.

We were initially given Labor Day weekend for our September date at the Flea, but because of the long weekend and lots of people out of town, we pushed it back a week. to 9/11. This added a whole other layer to our work:

How do we raise awareness about conceptual art walks in a flea market while acknowledging the September 11th attacks?

What a ridiculous sentence.

We decided to create a construction zone where the public can build their own monuments. They'd tell us which shapes they want to use and we'd build it. Then, we'd photograph them with their monuments and place the photos on our blog. Given this was our last time at the Flea, we decided to use detritus from our past Flea installations as material to create the structures.

It was an incredible afternoon. Lots of families showed up to participate. See the slideshow below!

Very special thanks to resident Flea artists Riley Hooker and Juan Betancurth, Flea assistant Alex and our new interns Ariel Rivera and Zachary Scholl.

Walka Walka!

Walks you!
What an amazing day at Brooklyn Flea! Special thanks to Juan Betancurth and Riley Hooker for designing the installation, and to Paige Fredlund, Algirdas Sabaliauskas and Zachary Scholl for wo/manning the booth. See below for photos, and click on the slideshow to go to our flickr page where you can download the shots in hi-res (click on the little icon above the photo that says "all sizes").

Information Burgers

Information Burgers
On Saturday June 5th, Elastic City returned to Brooklyn Flea. Niegel Smith gave a sweaty series of Monumental Walks to some lucky participants. Vadis Turner’s glittery chicken wings, homemade cherry pie, colorful popsicles, and cheery cheetos were served alongside tasty burgers made by Juan Betancurth, Riley Hooker and Todd Shalom. These burgers were seasoned and served by Paige Fredlund and Algirdas Sabaliauskas. See some photos of our grand fiesta below.

|Grand| Elastic City |Opening|

|Grand| Elastic City |Opening|

We had a hot and sweaty weekend launching Elastic City from the Brooklyn Flea. Joining in on the celebration were a bunch of Elastic City artists, friends, family, volunteers and Emerson, our cairn terrier resident mascot.

The installation was a success, thanks to Juan Betancurth and Riley Hooker, who designed and constructed our magnetic Elastic City bulletin board. The bulletin board, playing off of the school motif, changed throughout the day, as we used words from passersby and integrated it with our Elastic City logo. Our table was staffed by artist Amanda Winograd and actor/activist Zachary Wager Scholl, who fielded questions from an eager public and signed up walkers for the free Flea Walks.

The Flea Walks went over wonderfully--the later walks were over-capacity (we don't like to wake up early either) and they were filled with both friends and newcomers.

And so now the fun begins! We've a few walks coming up in the next few weeks that you should know about. Stay tuned for more info throughout the week and check the WALKS page for our calendar.

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