The participatory walk can radically reframe one’s everyday experience. The walk takes the poem off of the page, the performance off the stage, and translates it to the street. How does a photographer see the world? How does a choreographer move through space and what can they teach us? Each walk is a transitory performance that brings people together in unexpectedly beautiful ways.

Elastic City: Prompts for Participatory Walks is a new book that includes instructions (aka prompts) from more than 35 artists' walks along with a section that features the insights and philosophy of EC Founder Todd Shalom, who spent 15 years presenting and refining walks. The section, titled 'Creating Your Own Walk,' covers conceptual, narrative and logistical concerns, how to encourage participation and how to best promote this work. Elastic City has fostered and grown the participatory walk form and is sharing its know-how for the first time here in writing. No other book like this exists.

The book features 48 prompts, walk ephemera, photos and contributions from an eclectic roster of visual, performance and text-based artists, including: Danya Abt, luciana achugar, Andrés Andreani, Anna Azrieli, Chiara Bernasconi, Juan Betancurth, James Bingham, Becca Blackwell, Michelle Boulé, Tania Bruguera & Mujeres en Movimiento, Isabella Bruno, Cristian Carracedo, Roz Chast, Kate Colby, Jon Cotner, Jose De Diego, Karen Finley, Neil Freeman, Cesar Gallegos, Kate Glicksberg, Anthony Goicolea, Neil Goldberg, Miguel Gutierrez, Michael Hart, Nisan Almog Haymian, Amélie Hoffmann, Riley Hooker, Matthew Jensen, Nina Katchadourian & Andrew Zarou, Wayne Koestenbaum, Amichai Lau Lavie & Shawn Shafner, Mimi Lien, Justin Liu, Erin Markey, Robert Mauksch, Eric McNatt, Gui Mohallem, William Morrisey, Santos Muñoz, Daniel Neumann, The Office of Recuperative Strategies (featuring Christian Hawkey & Rachel Levitsky), Okwui Okpokwasili, Asad Pervaiz, Jen Plaskowitz, Hayal Pozanti, Anne Percoco, Dudu Quintanilha, Nick Robles, Caitlin Ruttle, Gustavo Sámano, Sarah Schulman, Todd Shalom, Niegel Smith, Leandro Tartaglia, Andrea Williams, Kristin Geneve Young, and Pamela Z

Use this book as a tool for creating walks or other forms of participatory art. To watch the Kickstarter video for the book, click here.

Specs: Design: William Morrisey; 160 pages; 4 color; size: 4x7 inches (pocket-sized); edition: 777 copies; printed by: MAS Matbaa, Istanbul; ISBN: 978-0-578-46775-7


February 2020: We've sold out of the book. Meanwhile, the book is in a bunch of libraries listed here and also at the Live Art Development Agency in London and The Frances Mulhall Achilles Library at the Whitney Museum in New York. We've set aside a few copies for libraries who want to purchase the book. If that's you, please contact:

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