Under Elastic City Construction

Under Elastic City Construction

Under Elastic City Construction
On Saturday, September 11th, we constructed our last installation at Brooklyn Flea.

We were initially given Labor Day weekend for our September date at the Flea, but because of the long weekend and lots of people out of town, we pushed it back a week. to 9/11. This added a whole other layer to our work:

How do we raise awareness about conceptual art walks in a flea market while acknowledging the September 11th attacks?

What a ridiculous sentence.

We decided to create a construction zone where the public can build their own monuments. They'd tell us which shapes they want to use and we'd build it. Then, we'd photograph them with their monuments and place the photos on our blog. Given this was our last time at the Flea, we decided to use detritus from our past Flea installations as material to create the structures.

It was an incredible afternoon. Lots of families showed up to participate. See the slideshow below!

Very special thanks to resident Flea artists Riley Hooker and Juan Betancurth, Flea assistant Alex and our new interns Ariel Rivera and Zachary Scholl.